Automatic Duo Core Machine UCM440A

AEM Unicore has developed automated machinery for the production and stacking of DUO half cores, removing the need for an operator to build the core halves.

UCM440A brochure

The NEW model UCM440A supersedes the previous model UCM210A and offers greater capacity and improved capabilities. This newly developed automated machinery improves productivity, quality and safety.

The Automatic Duo Core Machine UCM440A will process 1 strip up to 440mm (17") or 2 strips up to 200mm (8.5").

It features integrated dust extraction hood, industrial touch screen controller, four cutting edges per carbide blade, servo motor driven cut and fold and feed and reduced labour costs.

Unicore machines provide greater flexibility, accuracy and reliability and eliminate the need for fixed tooling such as jigs and mandrels. The highly accurate Unicore production method results in improved control over core specifications and quality, as well as smaller and lighter transformers with improved energy efficiency.

The Unicore machine features an interactive programming system that is operated by a user-friendly interface. Several design options are available on the core design screens. There is also a production screen, which enables control of work batches and displays the core status.

The UCM440A can produce and stack DUO half cores within the following ranges:

WL (mm) WW (mm) SW (mm) BUp (mm) ST (mm) Max ½ core mass
130-500 49-350

(2 strips)

(1  strip)

20-110 0.20-0.35

200 kg
(2 strips)

350 kg
(1 strip)

For Distribution Transformers, Unicore Technology provides a highly flexible, accurate and reliable production system with all the inherent advantages of wound core technology, such as very low core loss, fast assembly and high output relative to capital investment.

For General Purpose Transformers, Unicores have lower losses than C-cores or E&I and 90 degree Cut Laminations. Unicores can also be made from non-oriented electrical steel to lower the cost.

Transformer assembly is simple and fast.

AEM is the holder of multiple worldwide patents protecting its products and Intellectual Property.