About Us

Energy efficiency is at our core.

AEM CoresAEM is a world leader in Unicore® Technology, the key component in distribution, voltage and general purpose transformers.

Since 1958, when AEM was founded (and climate change meant visiting another country), we have focused on energy efficiency. From the start, our vision has centred on producing high quality, high performance products.

Today, we continue to innovate, and expand our Unicore range of equipment alongside our TCT150 transformer core tester. Our products are regarded as the most advanced and efficient available.

We now sell our Unicore Machinery to many small, medium and multi-national transformer manufacturers and core-makers worldwide. Our machines are flexible, accurate and reliable. They eliminate the need for fixed tooling (such as jigs and mandrels), and produce fully formed Unicore laminations.

From a simple operation with a single-minded purpose, our development has been organic and proactive – adapting and innovating to meet the demands of tomorrow. Our products, expertise and professionalism are now in high-demand throughout the world.