Why Choose Unicore?


  • AEM Australia has been manufacturing transformer cores since the early 1960's. Use AEM Unicore Machinery and you benefit directly from our 60 years of core making experience.

  • AEM invented Unicore technology and is the holder of worldwide patents protecting it machinery and IP.

  • AEM Unicore Machinery is built to the highest standard, with the first machine sold in 1998 still producing quality cores today. With many years of continuous improvement and development, AEM Unicore Machines operate at the highest speed with minimal maintenance and downtime.

  • Combining AEM's extensive core making knowledge with our high quality Unicore Machinery enables you to produce smart core designs with low core loss, while minimising costs and maximising output.

  • With over 400 machines sold in 50 countries, AEM is the proven and preferred supplier of Unicore Machinery.

  • AEM Unicore Machines are the most flexible, the fastest, the most reliable and the best value in the long term.

  • AEM and its local partners provide experienced engineering support, training and on-site service worldwide.


AEM Unicore
Leaders in Wound Core Technology