Research and Development

Our Reserch and Development team are leading experts in the design and development of machinery and equipment used in the manufacture and testing of Transformer Cores, particularly the Unicore.

Our unique strengths include:

  • Over 45 years supplying magnetic cores to the Australian and Asian markets
  • Experience from more than 15 years in the design and development of Unicore Machines which are used in more than 40 countries world-wide.
  • Dedicated in-house Research and Development team who specialise in the Transformer Core Industry
  • Stable senior leadership and Research and Development team with up to 24 years experience working globally in the Transformer Core industry

Our Research and Development team at AEM is unique in that it has full in-house manufacturing capability with modern machinery and production plant to support Research and Development activities. This allows our Engineers to develop an idea, undertake the design and then build the component quickly to allow them to test and experiment on new designs. By combining our Research and Development, production and marketing capabilities, AEM can take a complex product design from conception through to commercialisation quickly.

Our team currently works in collaboration with some of the world's leading Transformer Manufacturers, helping them to design and build custom cores technology. This provides our clients and collaboration partners with a competitive advantage in developing efficient low loss cores and transformers.