The H-J Family of Companies has partnered with AEM Unicore as the official sales partner for Unicore Technology in North America, South America & the Middle East

AEM is pleased to announce that The H-J Family of Companies has joined the AEM Unicore team as our Sales Partner for Unicore Technology in North America, South America and the Middle East.

As the leading manufacturer of transformer components both in the United States and world-wide, H-J are well-matched to provide knowledgeable and experienced advice on the production of more efficient transformer cores with the Unicore Machinery. H-J’s commitment to the best possible service, quality and value is highly regarded in the market.

H-J's headquarters are in St Louis, Missouri and they have offices in Canada and Mexico as well as their international offices in Brazil, China, Colombia, India, Philippines and Spain. H-J's High Voltage Test Laboratory in St Louis enables them to provide additional customer support as tests can be performed according to customer specific requirements.

H-J has extensive customer networks and strong partnerships with world-renowned manufacturers. We are excited to partner with a like-minded company, who like AEM also has an established company history of more than 45 years and is focused on producing high quality, high performance products and innovative engineering solutions.

We look forward to working with H-J to continue to provide our customers with a competitive advantage in developing efficient low loss cores and transformers.

If you have any questions please contact an H-J sales representative:

The H-J Family of Companies

3010 High Ridge Blvd

High Ridge, Missouri USA 63049

Tel: +1-636-677-3421