Green ahead of time.

Today we are considered worldwide as one of the leading and respected companies offering solutions to the distribution and general purpose transformer market.

AEM was formed in Adelaide, South Australia, in 1958. Initially we began by manufacturing arc-welders for the local market. These welders required quality cores, and, being perfectionists, we decided to manufacture our own. It was then we realised there was a great demand for a higher standard of cores throughout Australia. So, our focus switched from manufacturing arc-welders to the production of high-efficiency, high quality transformer cores.

Fifty years ago, our products were helping to reduce carbon emissions and providing sustainability.

In essence, we were green ahead of time. But, more than that, we were driven by innovation and the pursuit of developing more efficient transformer cores. The result is our Unicore range – highly efficient and highly in demand. However, during this time, one thing has remained consistent – our commitment to improving efficiencies and reducing core losses.

In 1996 we took innovation to a new level by custom-building our own Unicore machinery. Two years later, the machinery was launched world-wide. Today, sales of our Unicore machinery are key component of our business – we now export to some 35 countries.

AEM has recently moved into a new state-of-the-art, purpose-built facility in Adelaide. Here, with the latest machine tool technology and employing highly skilled craftsmen, we can maintain complete control of design and manufacture – our clients are guaranteed an exceptional quality product.

We are very proud of what we have and continue to achieve, particularly since we are a relatively small company of 30 highly qualified employees. However, the future is full of new challenges as AEM continues its pursuit for manufacturing the world’s most efficient transformer products.

AEM is a world leader in Unicore Technology, the key component in distribution, voltage and general purpose transformers.

Since 1958, when AEM was founded (and climate change meant visiting another country), we have focused on energy efficiency. From the start, our vision has centred on producing high quality, high performance products.

Today, we continue to innovate, and expand our Unicore range of equipment alongside our TC150 transformer core tester. Our products are regarded as the most advanced and efficient available.

We now sell our automated Unicore machinery to many small, medium and multi-national transformer manufacturers and core-makers worldwide. Our machines are flexible, accurate and reliable. They eliminate the need for fixed tooling (such as jigs and mandrels), and produce fully formed Unicore laminations.

From a simple operation with a single-minded purpose, our development has been organic and proactive – adapting and innovating to meet the demands of tomorrow. Our products, expertise and professionalism are now in high-demand throughout the world.