UCM300 Unicore Machine


For Core Makers & Transformer Manufacturers alike

The UCM300 replaces the UCM3000 as our entry level machine. The UCM300 comes with updated touchscreen technology, revised software, servo drive control of the cut and fold mechanisms and also includes dust extraction as standard.

Process single strip up to 300mm (12") or process 2 strips up to 140mm (5.5") each.

It is 20 years since AEM launched the Unicore Machine to the global transformer industry. Today with almost 400 machine sales in over 40 countries the Unicore Machine is still as popular as ever.

Why Unicore®

  • Extended product range.
  • More core options and styles allow you to satisfy your customers' needs.
  • Production Flexibility
  • Produce an unlimited range of sizes. Core dimensions are entered into our software. (0.1mm size increments)
  • No more mandrels to make, store, find, fit or get wrong
  • Reduced production floor space.
  • Accepts smaller volume orders - almost no setup time
  • Lower Core Loss compared to C Cores, E&I and Strip Laminations.
  • Smaller, lighter, energy efficient transformers.
  • Improved control over core specification and quality.

AEM is the holder of multiple worldwide patents protecting its products and Intellectual Property.

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1st class design, precision engineering and quality materials all trademarks of the highly successful UCM3000, here seen in detail in the UCM3000 Image Gallery


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3D Model

Unicore Machine Model UCM300


Unicore Control Software (UCS)


  • Simple clear screens, supported by a fully illustrated manual
  • 12 different core faces/types
  • Almost infinite possibilities for core customisation
  • Save and load core parameters
  • All Unicore Machines come with a computer pre loaded with UCS


  • Current core progress display
  • Clear batch quantity monitoring with single button batch quantity changing
  • Production and hold time monitoring
  • Produce any lamination in the core at any time
  • Repeat lamination function


  • Provides cut and fold counts to aid maintenance
  • Details machine parameters
  • Machine fault testing