UDM4000 Decoiler


The UDM4000 decoiler model has been manufactured by AEM Cores Pty Ltd specifically to be used in conjunction with the AEM Unicore Machine. Its capacity and speed are matched to the Unicore Machine's output. The decoiler is powered directly from the Unicore Machine and is therefore integrated with its emergency stop circuitry.

The AEM UDM4000 Decoiler can also be used as an independent general purpose steel strip decoiler which can be used as a standalone unit to provide a regulated supply of steel strip to any machine requiring it.


  • Suitable for most industries requiring decoilers
  • Push button hydraulic expanding mandrel
  • Soft start and soft stop
  • Strip sensing non-contact induction sensor
  • Can be powered directly from UNICORE machine
  • Maximum Mandrel diameter 525mm
  • Minimum Mandrel diameter 460mm
  • Maximum coil width 450mm
  • Maximum coil weight 2000kg
  • Speed range 5-30 rpm

AEM is the holder of multiple worldwide patents protecting its products and Intellectual Property.



The UDM4000 has been designed for use with the UCM range of equipment. It is especially suited to the sporadic load profile which is synonymous with the feed requirements of the UCM machines.