Unicore® combines the high efficiency of a "wound type" core with the cost and production benefits of "stacked" laminations.

AEM Unicore offers a large range of custom size single and three phase Unicores® in a variety of core types. Advanced machinery, software and production techniques consistently produce repeatable quality cores resulting in highly accurate and reliable cores and hence lower losses and material savings.

Each Unicore® lamination is fully formed by the Unicore Machine. The laminations are then stacked to form the core. The core may be used to build a transformer immediately, subject to required losses, without any further processing. For the lowest possible, especially smaller cores, core loss, the Unicore should be annealed.

Benefits of Unicore®:

  • Better quality cores - each lamination formed to high accuracy
  • Easy assembly
  • No separate forming process
  • Tooling free - instantly make any size or type of core no mandrels or jigs needed, sizes are quickly entered
  • Flexibility of core sizes and types - designers have options to reduce costs and increase customer's satisfaction.
  • Small footprint requirements
  • Repeatable
  • The manufacturing process requires reduced space, consumables, inventories, labour and maintenance
  • Short lead times and reduced inventories are possible due to rapid production methods

AEM is the holder of multiple worldwide patents protecting its products and Intellectual Property.