UCM425 Unicore Machine


Features integrated dust extraction hood, industrial touch screen controller and four cutting edges per carbide blade.

Process single strip up to 425mm (16") or process 2 strips up to 210mm (8") each.

Core Manufacturers

  • Extend your product range
  • More core options
  • Production Flexibility
  • Produce an unlimited range of sizes. (0.1mm size increments)
  • No more mandrels to make, store, find, fit or get wrong
  • Reduced production times
  • Reduced production floor space
  • Reduced inventories due to JIT manufacturing
  • Accept smaller volume orders - almost no setup time

Transformer Manufacturers

  • Lower Core Loss compared to C Cores, E&I and Strip Laminations.
  • Smaller, lighter, energy efficient transformers.
  • Less Copper for same rating
  • Reduced cost with in-house core manufacture.
  • Improved control over core specification and quality.
  • Reduced inventories due to JIT manufacture.

Advantages over UCM3000

  • Wider strip, up to 425mm wide
  • Quieter operation
  • Faster production times
  • No hydraulics
  • Electric folding reduces air consumption to nearly zero

AEM is the holder of multiple worldwide patents protecting its products and intellectual property.

UCM425 Brochure



The UCM425 is the latest product to come out of the succesful UCM stable and continues with the tradition of high quality craftsmanship for which AEM has become renowned.

All major components are precision manufactured in our state of the art manufacturing facility in Adelaide or sourced from reputable quality brands.


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3D Model

Unicore Machine Model UCM425


Unicore Control Software (UCS)


  • UCS-Design PageSimple clear screens, supported by a fully illustrated manual
  • 12 different core faces/types
  • Almost infinite possibilities for core customisation
  • Save and load core parameters
  • All Unicore Machines come with a computer pre loaded with UCS


  • UCS-Production PageCurrent core progress display
  • Clear batch quantity monitoring with single button batch quantity changing
  • Production and hold time monitoring
  • Produce any lamination in the core at any time
  • Repeat lamination function


  • UCS-Maintenance PageMonitors key parameters
  • Gives a warning message when maintenance needs to be performed
  • Bar displays progress to pre plan maintenance downtime