Wiltan purchases their 2nd Unicore Machine

4 April 2018


Wiltan Ltd, the UK's leading manufacturer and supplier of wound cores, has installed a 2nd Unicore Machine at their innovative core manufacturing plant in Pontypool.

AEM Unicore is proud to be Wiltan's preferred choice of supplier as Wiltan continue to cater for the increasing demand for their product.

Wiltan have recognised the superior quality of the Unicore machinery which offers advantages such as:

  • Quality, Flexibility and Reliability resulting in lower unit costs for the customer.
  • Fast and Easy to use machinery leading to greater productivity and the best quality transformers.
  • Technical Support and Customer Service from the experienced team at AEM Unicore.
  • Access to AEM's fully trained and professional European Agent, Mr. Jan Loksa.

These advantages make it possible for Wiltan to provide the highest quality products and services to their customers at competitive prices.

AEM Unicore would like to thank Mr. Zou Itani, Managing Director, and the team at Wiltan for their ongoing support.

Visit www.wiltan.co.uk